How can I determine my skin type? Do I have oily skin?

Get your beauty routine off to a good start by determining your skin type. Evaluating your skin type is essential if you want to find out whether you have oily skin.

How to spot oily skin
Determining your skin type is essential to finding the right products for your skin. Worried you may have oily skin? The only way to be sure is to take a good hard look at it in the mirror. In fact, the symptoms of oily skin are what you’d expect them to be. The main sign that you have oily skin is if your face appears shiny, especially around the forehead and nose area. Another sign is larger pores in these areas, which can lead to blackheads and blemishes. Your skin might be thicker in some parts and will be greasy to the touch. Hair can also be affected, a common trait is for your roots to become greasy and shiny easily.

All of these symptoms ultimately mean that your skin and scalp is overproducing sebum.

Which skincare products are best for oily skin?
Oily skin requires cleansers that are gentle and mild, which won’t strip the skin completely of its natural oils, but instead limit the amount of sebum it produces whilst keeping it sufficiently hydrated. To gently cleanse your skin, opt for Clarins’ Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Tamarind for combination to oily skin. Don’t forget about makeup remover too, as this helps to rid oily skin of impurities. The Truly Matte range skincare range is also highly effective at balancing the skin. It moisturises your face whilst tightening pores to limit the amount of sebum produced.