How to prevent and minimise
the appearance of dark marks

With age, dark marks can appear on the skin. Considered as unsightly by many women, limiting the number that appear on the skin has become a top priority. But how can you fight the effects of time on the skin?

Understanding dark spots
Dark marks start to appear when the skin produces too much melanin. This can happen for various reasons. Hormonal changes linked to age, repeated sun exposure and medical treatments can all cause dark marks, which can appear all over the body. Yet, it’s their appearance on the face that tends to bother us most. How can you prevent them and limit the darkening of your skin?

How to prevent dark marks
Clarins has developed Vital Light Serum to combat dark marks appearing on the face. A combination of hexylresorcinol and spergularia extract creates a powerful anti-dark mark correcting action, used by Moroccan women to fight against signs of ageing.

The serum is part of the Vital Light range which is designed for women who want to look their best at all ages, and preserve their natural radiance. Using the serum will provide you with an invaluable anti-ageing solution.