How should a serum be used to optimize its effects?

Serums enhance the effects of your day and night creams, and work great on all skin types. Specific serums such as the anti-aging and replenishing serums offer particular benefits in addition to intense moisturizing serums.


When do I use a serum?
A Face serum should be used regularly in combination with your day and night creams. It should be applied beforehand for the added benefit of protections from harsh weather conditions and other sources of damage. Serums also vary in their specific purposes. Pore Minimizing Serum tones the skin and creates a smooth complexion, and the Extra-Firming Tightening Lift Botanical Serum tightens and firms the skin.

What is the best method to use when applying a serum?
Serum is light-weight in consistency and silky smooth to the touch. It is rapidly absorbed by the skin, and its high concentration of active ingredients makes only a moderate few drops necessary. Cosmetic serum is designed to be incorporated into your everyday skin care routine, but also works great for problematic skin that can arise from fatigue, stress and even seasonal changes. For specific information on how to properly apply cosmetic serum for optimal serum benefits and minimal damage to the skin, refer to Clarins application method. This method ensures that serum is applied in a gentle way that promotes detoxification, maintains elasticity, and improves the health and condition of your skin’s appearance.