Skin Spa Treatments

Our Clarins beauty therapists will conduct your treatment in one of our treatment rooms to provide you with a blissful moment of well-being during which your body and mind will be in complete harmony. They will use personalized manual techniques and exclusive products formulated with plant extracts to offer you a truly bespoke sensorial experience. The results will be instantly visible and long-lasting.

Bespoke treatments

Enjoy a moment of relaxation that perfectly meets your needs. A Clarins expert beauty therapist will conduct an in-depth diagnosis, select personalized products for you and perform tailored manual techniques for maximum effectiveness. Your treatment is unique, just like you.

Beauty therapist dispensing Clarins cream and oil into a dish

Our Treatments


A treatment that combines the Clarins professional method with ancestral Asian methods developed with our facialist Marie Depoulain: development of unique professional techniques for targeted and instant results.

Marie Depoulain

Marie Depoulain


How Do I Get Prepared
For My Appointment at a Skin Spa?

1. Should I arrive before or on time for my treatment?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment because this gives you time to unwind and get more out of the early stages of your treatment and it also allows us to review your current treatment needs.

2. What will I be wearing during the treatment?

For most treatments, you'll be asked to remove some items of clothing and for body treatments we provide you with disposable underwear in generous sizes. Your comfort is our number one priority and cocooning fluffy white towels preserve your modesty at all times.

3. I have a medical condition/allergy; can I still have a Clarins treatment?

It's always advisable to mention any medical conditions or allergies when making an appointment so that we can guide you on the best treatment option to book.