Why use hazelnut oil as a base for essential oils- what are the benefits?

Clarins oils use hazelnut oil as a universal base. Essential oils and hazelnut oil make for the perfect skin-rescuing combination. For optimal benefit to the skin, only 2-4% of the natural beauty oils are pure essential oils. The plant extracts in these oils offer a multitude of benefits to the skin, and hazelnut oil works as a dynamic complementary agent.

Using essential oils for the face
Hazelnut oil is a wonderful ingredient for aromatherapeutic, natural beauty products. It is one of the most stable essential oils and possesses nourishing and restorative properties that promote hydration and wellness.

Hazelnut oil is rich in vitamins
Hazelnut oil is rich in Vitamin E, an essential reparative agent when it comes to repairing damaged hair and nails. Hazelnut oil possesses powerful antioxidant properties and rejuvenates skin that’s in a fragile condition. Anti-Eau Body Treatment Oil is a non-greasy oil that nourishes and protects the skin leaving it smooth and supple. The incorporation of hazelnut oil is a great way to promote skin’s health and vibrant appearance, it is an excellent addition to products aimed at calming and nourishing the skin.