Facial skincare beauty advice

For perfect skin, it’s essential to follow a daily skincare routine. Clarins reveals the top tips for taking care of your skin using specially designed skincare products and beauty advice.

Essential steps to great-looking skin
When it comes to cosmetics, there are three essential facial skincare products: the perfect make-up remover, a day moisturiser and a weekly face mask. Moisturiser allows your skin to retain its radiance. Make-up remover, with the help of face washes and lotions, eliminates impurities and prepares the skin to be more receptive to the next step of your face care routine. Finally, masks and exfoliators deeply cleanse the skin and target troublesome areas, when used on a weekly basis.

Beauty secret: Clarins’ skin-deep moisturiser
Clarins is letting you in on one of the best-kept beauty secrets in skincare. Moisturising your skin isn’t simply about hydrating the top layer, but ensuring that every layer of the skin, including the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis, gets the right levels of water it needs to stay beautiful.

Clarins’ extensive knowledge of women’s skin has enabled the development of unique facial moisturisers, with anti-drying, nourishing properties, which restore the skin’s radiance and preserve its youthful appearance.