Which eye-care products should I use around the eyes?

It is well known that the eyes are often considered to be the reflection of the soul. So why not treat your eyes to the products and eye contour creams they deserve? To fight against all the small imperfections that can get in the way of your beautiful look, Clarins has developed bespoke eye-care products.

How to fight signs of ageing around the eyes
Crow's feet and frown lines often affect the eye contour, which naturally worsens over time. An adequate amount of moisturising, especially in the morning is then necessary to gently protect skin with a rich formula such as a good eye contour cream. Clarins has designed products adapted to each skin type, which gracefully hide tell-tale signs of ageing. These delicate products are truly innovative, achieving smooth skin without freezing its appearance. Take Super Restorative Duo for example, which works on hiding crow’s feet and frown lines. This winning combination allows you to fight against both the signs of ageing and fatigue on the areas that need an eye contour cream the most.

Reduce signs of fatigue around the eyes
In addition to the eye contour ageing over time, it’s also the first place to show signs of fatigue. To hide the effects of sleepless nights and stress, use and apply Clarins’ eye-care products. For best results, try using Clarins concealer formula as well.