Skincare for after childbirth

Your body feels delicate after giving birth, and it deserves specially formulated post-partum skincare. Don't let yourself go after you bring your baby home; take time to pamper yourself between feeding and taking care of your newborn.

It’s likely you have gained an additional pound or two after childbirth, so keeping to a balanced diet and exercising regularly can help shift the extra weight if that’s your goal!

Mission post-partum: which firming care should I use?

Debilitated over the course of the last nine months, your body has lost its firmness and tone. Make your skin feel like new by treating it to a comprehensive skincare range. Suitable for all skin types, Exfoliating Body Scrub for Smooth Skin eliminates impurities and dead skin cells to help firm your body and leave your skin soft and smooth. You can combine your exfoliating scrub with Tonic Body Treatment Oil which improves elasticity and leaves your skin feeling refreshed with a sensation of well-being.

Which stretch mark product should I use post-partum?

Body Partner

Body Partner


Applied with gentle circular motions to the areas of concern, Body Partner helps you reduce the look of the stretch marks that have appeared in recent months. Follow the application method for best results and to restore your sense of comfort.

Which sculpting cream should I use post-partum?

Body Shaping Cream, used in conjunction with a balanced diet, will help to slim down a curvy midriff and hips.
It provides threefold slimming, firming and sculpting action. In addition, its texture is designed to be easily massaged in, which is essential for boosting circulation, the only way to eliminate stubborn curves.

Body Shaping Cream


What body treatment should I use for water retention?


Contour Body
Treatment Oil


For swollen lower limbs (a problem mainly caused by slowed circulation), Contour Body Treatment Oil Made from 100% Pure Plant Extracts (anti-water retention broom, toning geranium and stimulating marjoram) boosts and accelerates circulation, firms tissues, and tones the skin while leaving it satiny-soft. Apply preferably at night to damp skin, working from the feet to the tops of the thighs while applying gentle pressure. This self-massage technique helps boost the product’s effectiveness.

Which anti-cellulite product should I use post-partum?

‘Orange-peel skin’ is the dimpled skin that can be seen on the backs of the thighs and on the buttocks. It is often confused with cellulite. Here’s a test you can do: place your hand flat on the top of your thigh, and then pull the skin upwards. If the dimpled look goes away, this is orange-peel skin. Caused by the slackening of tissue, it affects both slim and curvy women.

What can you use to fight against orange-peel skin?
Clarins Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert. Because it effectively firms, it tightens and smooths the skin to erase the ‘orange-peel’ look. Rich in slimming ingredients, it refines the body's contours.

Quince leaf

Body Fit