“I feel tired and it shows!”

To combat signs of fatigue during pregnancy, we offer skincare designed to revitalise the skin from within. The skin is protected and regenerated, and recovers its suppleness and elasticity.

The best solution for a lacklustre complexion?

Double Serum and Multi-Active Day Cream. These two products revitalise the skin from within to help you feel radiant throughout your pregnancy.

Double Serum does wonders for the skin. More than just a serum, it is an anti-ageing concentrate rich in 21 plant extracts that boosts the skin's five vital functions: regeneration, hydration, oxygenation, nourishment, protection. Its unequalled dual phase formula leaves skin visibly more youthful-looking.

Double Serum


Multi-Active Day - Normal to Dry skin


Multi-Active night cream light Normal to combination skin


Multi-Active Day - Normal to Dry skin


By combining it with Multi-Active Day Cream, you can prevent the appearance of early wrinkles and preserve your skin’s youthfulness. Next-generation capsules containing teasel extract (with antioxidant and revitalising properties) target the core of fibroblasts, the cells responsible for the skin’s youthfulness. Protected from the harmful effects of a hectic lifestyle, your face stays looking younger for longer.

At night, pamper your skin with Multi-Active Night Cream to moisturise, regenerate, and boost the effects of a good night's sleep. The results: more radiant, smoother, firmer, and softer skin in the morning.

What kind of product should I use for my eyes?

The delicate skin of the eye contour area is often the first to suffer from dehydration during pregnancy, which causes puffiness and dark circles to appear. Apply Multi-Active Eye daily to visibly smoothes fine lines and helps reduce signs of fatigue including dark circles and puffiness. Your eye area appears younger, smoother and more luminous.

How do I apply an eye serum?

1. Using the pads of the fingers, apply this cream-gel, pressing lightly for a draining effect from the inner to the outer corner of the eye.

2. With the cryo-metal* tip, to provide a depuffing effect, press lightly from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. Finish by applying relaxing circular pressure on the temples.

Multi-Active Yeux