The make-up bag for expectant mothers

Drawn features, a tired-looking face, imperfections... There's no denying that your skin changes during pregnancy. How can you give your skin what it needs right now? Follow Clarins’ make-up tips for expectant mothers. Which beauty products should be used by expectant mothers?

Expectant mothers: which cosmetic products should you use?

To enhance your natural beauty and glow, it is recommended to use make up products with botanical extracts during your pregnancy or after giving birth, which will help to accentuate your features with radiance, combining make up and skincare in one go.

What is the secret of having perfect skin for a new mum? Mix a bit of the Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch with the SOS Primer to smooth out those flaws and wrinkles to brighten up your complexion. The Blurs Imperfections Cream provides 24-hour hydration to ensure your skin stay fresh and comfortable. Get ready to glow with skin instantly touched up. Apply the Blush Prodige on your cheekbones for a healthy-looking glow.

Blush Prodige


Dazzling eyes

The soft and natural nudes will give your eyes the natural charm. Four nude shades are included in the 4-colour mineral eye shadow palette (shade 01-Nude). This pact of gem includes eye shadows of satin, matte and shimmering finishes which give you a natural look when used dry. To add an extra touch, use the long-lasting Volume Mascara to add drama to your eye make-up. With the help of the Double Fix Mascara, the lashes could last all day sweat and water proof.

Charming Smile

The signature Lip Comfort Oil gives a prefect shine on your lips with the most comfortable feeling. The formula combines multiple moisturizing and natural botanical oils together to make your pout gleam in the most luscious shades. To get the best colour pay off, the oil can be used with the Joli Rouge enriched with organic Salicornia extract and mango oil. Get ready for some irresistible lips that stay moisturized and soft for 6 hours straight!