Keep your contour beauty in shape!

Keep your contour beauty in shape!


Shaping Facial Lift range

Every pose, a perfect V pose!

(Re-contour your face, open up your amazing gaze!)

Did you know?


Asian women wants to enhance their facial contour, hence to look more confident.

1 Consumer survey, 60 Asia women

How about your contour concerns?

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Smaller face partners

Total V contouring serum

Use: Daily

  • Slim, for more visible / enhanced cheekbones and minimized double chin
  • De-puff, for sharper facial features and brighter complexion
  • Lift, for sharper face line and tighter skin


  • 100%
    inspired by Asian women

  • Now the
    facial contouring serum in Asia1

  • 17years
    of expertise in Asian facial contouring
    from the N°1 in France2

  • More than
    beauty awards received in Asia3

1 Within the Clarins brand, Internal sales data, from January to September 2015. 2 Source: NPD France, skin care products sold in perfumeries, luxury brands, sales in value and units in 2012. 3 Beauty awards from 2010 to 2014 in Asia.

V-Facial Intensive Wrap

Use: Whenever needed

  • Depuffs,
  • relieves,
  • brightens

The instant solution for finer facial features, to be used whenever the face is puffy in the morning or due to stress, heat and hormonal changes. The effective answer for results in just 10 minutes.


Bigger eyes must-have

Enhancing Eye Lift Serum Enhancing Eye Lift SerumZerumbet ginger

Enhancing Eye Lift Serum

Use: Daily

  • Bigger, by diminishing eye bags and eye puffiness
  • Brighter, by removing dark circle and avoiding skin darkening
  • Bolder, by lengthening eyelashes and thicken eyelash fringe

Specially formulated to fit the eye morphology of Asian women.


The true beauty of every face depends on two indissociable criteria: the quality of the skin, but also the perfection of its features and contours.

Jacques Courtin-Clarins