What to do to stop water retention

The feeling of bloated legs is often a result of water retention. Luckily there are solutions available to rid you of that feeling so that you feel lighter and more comfortable.

What’s the cause of water retention?
The body is largely made up of water. It retains water and it then eliminates it with the help of the kidneys, getting rid of unnecessary fluids through circulatory blood flow. Medications are rarely necessary - it’s often a matter of eating the right food and avoiding infection by including the right products and actions into your habits. Sometimes your body will keep more water than it needs; this is what is known as water retention. Excessive salt consumption can be one cause of this phenomenon, giving you the feeling of having heavy legs. The first thing to do to relieve water retention is to change your diet. Reducing your salt intake, combined with regular physical activity, as well as massages, can help to eliminate excess water.

Treatments and methods to fight water retention
Combined with a healthy lifestyle, anti-water creams are very useful in the fight against water retention. To help you in this fight, Clarins has specifically developed Tonic Body Treatment Oil. To increase its effectiveness, you should follow the appropriate application method.

In cases of heavy legs with excess weight caused by fluid and blood pressure, apply Energizing Emulsion after using Exfoliating Body Scrub to prepare the skin. A fresh feeling is guaranteed.

As the temperature rises, your body becomes particularly susceptible to water retention. In hot temperatures, be careful what you eat and try to avoid wearing clothes that are too tight.