I’m stressed and it shows! What should I do?

Between work, family and outings with friends, modern women lead pretty busy lives. There is always something else that needs to be done and it feels like there is never time for a break. When something unexpected comes up, stress becomes visibly apparent and the first thing to suffer is your skin.

What are the effects of stress on the skin?
The skin is directly connected to the nervous system. It reacts intensely to stress, but also to fatigue and it shows. With blood flow becoming more difficult, stressed skin loses its radiance. It finds it harder to regenerate. It’s therefore very important to take care of yourself and your skin in such situations. Anti-stress products can help you to avoid looking stressed when you are under pressure.

What anti-stress products can help me rediscover beautiful skin?
There is a wide range of methods to reduce stress, giving you a feeling of well-being. Anti-stress massages have an unquestioned effect that you can take advantage of daily. At home, take the time to relax. In the shower, use Clarins’ Relax Bath and Shower Concentrate anti-stress product. The plant ingredients will help soothe your muscles. Continue the relaxing experience by applying Relax Body Treatment Oil As well as being relaxed, you will have softer skin.