Why use a body scrub?

Skin cells regenerate constantly. However, several factors can contribute to the slowing down of this process. With a body scrub, you can give your skin a new glow by helping get rid of dead cells.

Why use a body scrub?
Stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, age, and especially no body scrub... all these factors have a really negative effect on your skin activity causing it to regenerate more slowly. On the face, this is visible by a dull complexion. Without a decent body scrub, the rest of the body becomes less smooth and less firm. A body scrub, used regularly, can prevent these inconveniences and its origins. The exfoliation range at Clarins has been specifically developed to help skin rediscover its youth. It can also maintain its firmness and softness while becoming more resistant to outside attacks (from the cold or sunlight).

Scrubs for different body types
A beautiful body starts with beautiful skin, toned, smooth like an almond and elastic. To keep all these attributes from flying away because of impurities, body scrub is the first care product you should apply. It prepares the skin for other care products. Exfoliating Body Scrub can be used on all parts of the body, including the chest. Enriched with bamboo powder, this soft exfoliator, used regularly, makes skin softer. Toning Body Polisher should be used on the rougher parts of the body such as the elbows and the knees... it offers an unquestioned feeling of well-being.

All parts of the body can receive a scrub, including the often mistreated feet. A foot scrub is the first step to a good pedicure.