I have brown spots. What can I do about them?

Extra-Firming Essentials
Extra-Firming Essentials

1. Brown spots: the how and why

Brown spots can appear on the backs of your hands or face whatever your age. Too much sun can often be the reason for this localised hyper pigmentation (due to excessive melanin), but other factors can be the culprits, too. A burn, inflammatory reaction or hormonal imbalances during pregnancy or the menopause can all cause brown spots.

2. How can I reduce the appearance of brown spots?

It is definitely possible to reduce the appearance of brown spots. If you're in your forties, try the Extra-Firming range. If you're over 50, the SUPER-RESTORATIVE range is ideal.

3. Watch out for UV rays

The sun stimulates melanin production, making it an absolute no-no if you have dark spots. Avoid exposure to UV rays while pregnant too, as you run the risk of developing melasma, also known as 'the pregnancy mask', a dark discolouration over the upper half of the face. Don't forget to wear sunscreen, even if you're not on holiday, the UV PLUS RANGE is perfect for the job.

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