My face looks tired. What's the solution?

Hydra-Essentiel Reviving Eye Mask
Hydra-Essentiel Reviving Eye Mask

1. Reap the reparative benefits of sleep.

Tiredness takes its toll on the skin on your face. A single restless night is all it takes to wake up looking tired, with dull skin and circles and puffiness under the eyes. Fight tired-looking eyes and skin by improving the quality of your sleep. Avoid screens before bed; try meditating or reading instead. Adjust your bedroom temperature, so that it is neither too hot nor too cool, and make sure no light or sound disturbance can disrupt your sleep. Breathe deeply and calmly to relax.

2. Start an anti-tiredness beauty routine.

If, despite following this advice, you still can't get the sleep you need, then kick-start your day with a targeted beauty routine. Step one: give skin a wake-up call with a splash of cool water to boost circulation. Step two: apply the Hydra-Moisturizing Eye Mask. The organic kalanchoe officinal extract and cool texture leaves eyes refreshed, bright and rested. Step three: hydrate skin with the Multi-Active Day cream to reduce the signs of tiredness and enhance glow in a flash. Step four: apply make-up to conceal your dark circles and create a radiant complexion. You'll look glowing from within, as if deeply refreshed by a good night's sleep!

3. Plan ahead.

If you know ahead of time that you won't be getting much sleep, apply your eye contour care before bed. Wake up to skin free of puffiness and dark circles.

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