What's the right skincare routine for men?

Exfoliating Cleanser
Exfoliating Cleanser

1. A skincare routine just for men

At Clarins, men are treated to their very own skincare routines thanks to the ClarinsMen range. Enriched with plant extracts, this range revitalises men's skin and includes moisturising creams, shampoos, gel cleansers, anti wrinkle creams and more. ClarinsMen offers everything men need to take care of their skin.

2. Men's skincare routines by Clarins

Step one: cleanse. Morning and evening, the ClarinsMen Active Face Wash is perfect for eliminating impurities and pollution. The ultra-soft foam instantly soothes razor burn. It leaves skin clear, toned and ready to face the world. Once or twice a week, men can treat their skin to in-depth cleansing with the ClarinsMen Exfoliating Cleanser for an ultra effective way of unclogging and tightening pores. This creamy exfoliating cleanser helps prevent blemishes and razor burn for clear skin at all times.

Step two: moisturise. The ClarinsMen Super Moisture Gel revitalises and soothes skin with no greasy residue, while providing total comfort – perfect for post-shave hydration. If your man feels his skin is looking a little tired, lined or dull, he can replace the Super Moisture Gel with the ClarinsMen Revitalizing Moisture Gel. Day after day, he'll notice his skin looking energised and fine lines visibly smoothed. Looking a little tired? He can apply the ClarinsMen Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum daily. It acts on puffiness and dark circles, erasing the signs of tiredness for refreshed, bright eyes.

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