Are essential oils the right choice for all women?

Tonic Body Treatment Oil
Tonic Body Treatment Oil

1. What are essential oils?

Essential oils are created by distilling plants to extract their essence. Unlike greasy vegetable oils, these oils have a more watery texture. From wrinkles and dullness to large pores and dryness, there's an essential oil to suit all skin types! Whether you're looking for an oil for your face or body, Clarins has an essential oil for every need. Clarins 100% plant extract oils are made from carefully selected essential oils and a hazelnut base oil. These oils are designed to help all women care for their skin.

2. How are Clarins face and body oils designed to be used?

Clarins oils are designed to be applied to either the face or body, depending on their specific benefits. For the body, we recommend applying the Tonic Body Treatment Oil and the Contour Body Treatment Oil to damp skin, before rinsing off with cold water for best results. For the face, apply the Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil after removing makeup, preferably to damp skin. Once the oil has been applied, gently remove excess product with a tissue laid flat over your face. The Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil is ideal for revitalising and restoring a fresh, healthy glow to dehydrated skin.

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The Clarins face oil is one of the brand's most iconic products and comes in a range of different versions depending on your skin type, including: dry, sensitive, oily and combination skin oils.

What is the best way of removing my makeup?

All good beauty routines start with removing your make-up to wash away impurities: get Clarins' tips on how to remove make-up and cleanse your skin.

What is the best beauty routine for mature skin?

Once women hit 50 and experience the menopause, their skin becomes drier and thinner. Clarins has developed a range of beauty products tailored to meet mature skin's needs for extra comfort.

I have brown spots. What can I do about them?

Clarins brings you solutions designed to erase dark spots caused by aging or otherwise. Read up on our targeted anti-blemish products and advice.