On the hunt for a few new ways to hit refresh on your health, fitness and wellness? Well, take a deep breath because we’ve struck upon a super-effective, all-natural method which also happens to cost nothing! We’re talking breathing exercises here. In fact, five minutes a day is all you need to catch your breath and exhale your way to great results. Time to give these three exercises a try.

Cardiac Coherence Breathing
To begin, breathe in, rounding the belly as you go. Then, breathe out emptying it. Try to take the same amount of time breathing in as you do breathing out. Gradually, the heart, which often races when under stress, will calm and the pulse will slow, allowing you to feel all the more relaxed and at ease. To find the proper heart rate and breathing balance, give a handy app a try. Options like RespiRelax, CardioZen or Heart Rate + can all make five minutes of exercises three times a day a breeze.

Best done first thing in the morning, this powerful breathing technique is perfect for switching on, giving your day a killer kick-start and giving your body a germ-busting detox. While we frequently breathe through the nose, Kapalabhati uses the belly to guide breathing, using it to pull in each breath over the course of a minute. Think stomach massage and breathing technique all rolled into one.

Alternating Breathing
Want better balance? This technique harmonizes the left and the right sides of the brain to forge equilibrium. To begin, hold your right nostril shut with the thumb and breath in through the left. Then, hold the left nostril down with the ring finger and exhale through the right. Next, breathe in through the right nostril, hold your finger over it and breathe out through the left. Repeat for at least a minute.