Mermaid fitness #goals? Time to try swimming with fins. For best results, opt for a short fin design that makes for smaller, more frequent leg kicks. Then, simply take to the water kicking your legs from your hips and not your knees. Yes, it’s harder work, but it makes all the difference. Thanks to the greater water resistance provided by fins’ larger surface area, you’ll be increasing muscle effort. The result? A toned butt, trim thighs and killer calf muscles. Better yet, you’ll be using your abs, massaging away cellulite and improving overall circulation as you swim through the water. Consider it your siren-approved summer exercise for the pool and the beach.
Our top post-workout tip: When you hit the shower, carve out a little time to recuperate with the reinvigorating power of Clarins’ Eau Dynamisante Gel Moussant Shower Gel.