Detoxing, not only is it the last word in diets, it’s also the summer smoothie word on everyone’s lips. Especially now there are so many different juice fast options to choose from. And while detoxes are designed to lighten the load on your digestive system, the question remains, is a juice-only diet worth the effort? The answer? Yes, but not for extended periods of time. That’s because the body is in fact already very efficient in eliminating toxins from the body. Instead, why not embark on a one-day 100% juice cleanse once a month or every 15 days?Go for a Monday, for example, to help the body recover from a weekend of excess. Or, twice a year go for a five-day cure as a seasonal health reboot. Whatever you do, just be sure to avoid the sugar trap and avoid juices that are overly packed with fruit, after all when stripped of its fiber, as is the case in juice, fruit can spike glycemic levels. Instead, blend plenty of vegetables along with a little fruit and vegetable protein and you’ll stay satiated as you detox your way to health.