What is the right sunscreen for me?

Suncare Face Cream SPF30

If you're about to start packing for your summer holidays and aren't sure what sunscreen to bring, read on for Clarins tips on choosing the best sun protection for you.

1. Choose the right sun protection for your skin tone

When it comes to the sun, some skin types are more sensitive than others, and different SPFs apply. Skin types are categorised based on their sensitivity to the sun, which defines their phototype. The lighter the phototype, the more sensitive skin will be to the sun. If you have very white or pale skin, always reach for Very High Protection SPF 50+ products and avoid spending too long in the sun. If you have light skin that tans, or olive skin, High Protection SPF 30 should be sufficient. Clarins has developed a range of High and Very High Protection sun protection products to offer you the very best protection, whatever your phototype. In each product, the protective filters are combined with extracts of plants chosen for their ability to protect skin from the signs of UV-related ageing.

2. Choose your texture.

Clarins provides sun care with different textures that feel great, spread easily and care for our skin. There's something for everyone: dry touch cream, dry oil, a gel that turns into an oil, easy-spread lotion, tinted powder, etc. All the benefits of (very) high sun protection without the hassle.

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