How do I choose the right mascara for me?

Mascara Supra Volume
Mascara Supra Volume

Looking for that elusive dream mascara? Something to accentuate your lashes and enhance your eyes? Follow the Clarins guide to picking your perfect match.

1. Choose the right colour

Firstly, you'll need to choose your mascara to suit the colour of your eyes. If you have blue eyes, it's best to use a blue or black mascara to really show them off. Women with green eyes should follow the same principle. Avoid green, trying brown, plum or purple instead. If you have brown eyes, you can apply any colour you like. All shades of mascara suit you, giving you real freedom of choice!

2. Choose the right effect

Length, curl or volume? Clarins mascaras open up your eyes and enhance your lashes. If you want to boost your lashes, try the Supra Volume volumising mascara. A few sweeps are all you need for a gorgeous gaze. Lashes appear thicker and more intense. A single application is all you need to lengthen and thicken lashes for high-impact effect. High glamour guaranteed!

3. 100% lasting hold

For mascara that lasts from dawn to dusk, meet the Double Fix’ Mascara. This top coat mascara has been specially designed by Clarins to protect your base mascara. Apply a layer over your usual mascara to make it even more resistant to water and sweat. You can also use it to tame and define your brows, thus pulling your look together with the perfect finishing touch.

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