How can I sculpt my face?

V Shaping Facial Lift
V Shaping Facial Lift

1. Over time, your face may begin to look fuller.

Aging affects the way our faces look. The first signs of aging or weight gain can change your face's shape and fullness: the cheeks tend to lose their volume, the skin looks less taut, lines around the nose and lips appear deeper, and the contours of the face are less defined.

2. Asian women are more prone to gaining weight in the face

Asian women's faces tend to look rounder, irrespective of age. The fatty tissue around their cheeks and jaw is more dense, lending their faces a plumper look.

3. Re-balance the proportions of your face

With the right skincare routine, you can slim down the contours of your face. Choose a firming serum with a draining effect to help eliminate fatty deposits. Packed with organic agropyron, zerumbet ginger, arabica coffee shrub & organic guarana extracts, V Shaping Facial Lift is an excellent choice. Thanks to its formula and targeted massage technique, it helps uplifting your contour, depuffing and slim down the face to boost definition.

4. Enhancing facial definition is about much more than skincare!

Clarins' beauty tips are the way to go for a more defined, sculpted face. One thing you can do is let your hair grow: longer hair creates the illusion of a slimmer face. The right make-up is also crucial to slimming down your face. Try the White Plus Brightening Powder foundation to increase firmness and apply blush to make the cheekbones appear higher.

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