Reveal spotless,
translucent glow
from within!

Your White Plus Brightening Partners

Do you know? Dark spot will appear when skin affected by UV or pollution. It will trigger melanin overproduction, and inflammatory aggressions. To reduce the dark spot, you need Double Action!

White Plus Brightening Partners

Targeted Spot Brightener, the perfect complementary product to our hero White Plus Serum

With 23 years of whitening expertise, CLARINS launched Whitening DUO - Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum.& Targeted Spot Brightener, together to reduce the appearance of dark spots and make skin glow! The hero Brightening Serum, consist of Acerola extract, reduces 60%* of melanin over-production. And the NEW Targeted Spot Brightener, formulated with vitamin C derivative and dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, helps to control the Inflammatory molecules and clinically proven that it helps to -20%** dark spot intensity and -12.5%** dark spot size!

89%Asian Women claimed that White Plus Brightening Partners provides stronger double action together!***

*Ex vivo test on skin explants showing the pigmentary activity of melanocytes
**Clinical study – 44 Asian women – 56 days
***Consumer test – 110 Asian women – 28 days Targeted Brightener alone + 28 days Targeted Spot Brightener & Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum.

Light Up Your Complexion!

Formulated with an effective plant-based brightener – acerola – and the optimum combination of plants extracts, it’s clinically proven to reduce melanin production by 60%*

Acerola fruitThe acerola fruit extract selected by our researchers is the key ingredient of our serum! Clinic Test: Reduce melanin over-production by 60%**
The result? A spotless complexion!

Acerola seed The acerola fruit extract helps to enhance cell oxygenation. By enhancing its respiration, it allows cells to produce more energy that is necessary to its functioning. Once the cell functions better, it renews itself better, contributing to a more healthy rosy gow from within. Clinic Test: Increases skin rosy glow by 15%**
Proof that when the skin breathes better, it looks brighter, with a healthy, rosy glow!

*Ex vivo test on skin explants showing the pigmentary activity or melanocytes
**In vitro test.

Targeted brightening on your dark spots

Our all-new Targeted Spot Brightener is a highly concentrated roll-on treatment that precisely targeted dark spots and has a smoothing action.

  • 1.

    Clinic Test

    Developed to reduce the numbers, size and colour intensity of targeted dark spots*

    in dark spot

    in dark spot

    And reduce the number of spots at the same time*.

    *Clinical Study – 44 Chinese Women – 28 days
    **Clinical Study – 44 Chinese Women – 56 days

  • 2.

    An ingredient power couple

    An ingredient power couple between derivative Vitamin C & Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate for effective treatment on targeted spots yet soothing & comfortable to skin.

  • 3.

    QD Certified

    Both ingredients (derivative Vitamine C and Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate) are QD certified – their brightening efficacies have been approved & recognized by medical field.

New White Plus Brightening Partners
Loved by Asian women!

83%Skin has
a healthy glow

84%Skin looks
more radiant

85%The serum enhances
the effect of the spot

is fairer

is brighter

86%Skin tone
is more

*110 Chinese Women, 4 weeks Roll-On + 4 weeks Serum and Roll-On.

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