Clarins Seeds of Beauty

The Future of Beauty
is in Our Hands

Preserve biodiversity.

The partnership between PUR and Clarins was formed following a meeting between two visionaries who are both passionate about nature: Christian Courtin-Clarins and Tristan Lecomte. Seeds of Beauty is one of the projects rolled out by Clarins which aims to preserve biodiversity in cooperation with local communities who will benefit from the projects.

To date, we have planted: More than


trees around the world


Clarins supports

In order to restore biodiversity in Southern Thailand by helping


Mangroves are…

… home to a very rich flora and fauna and a habitat for many species, some of which are endangered.

… a source of security, livelihood and well-being to coastal communities. Because of its richeness in a vairety of seafood, wood, textile fibers and medecinal plants.

… a shield against the effects of global warming because they are capable of storing a large quantity of atmospheric carbon.

… one of the most productive ecosystem in the world.

Indonesia, the hub of our commitment

Since 2016, Clarins has been providing support for local projects in several regions in the Sumatra Island, Indonesia.Our goal? To improve and preserve the quality of land, reduce erosion, and increase and diversify the producers' income. A genuinely virtuous circle wherein we are all key players who collaborate with each other: You, PUR and Clarins.

Women speak

Maksyarin (36) - wearing brown clothes - and Sulaini (37) - wearing yellow clothes - are two sisters living a few km outside Takengon

The both work in the hectares family’s farm, cultivating coffee, durian, jack fruit, orange and cacao. They normally clean and pick coffee. The farm also has a nursery for coffee plants (showed in the pictures). In here the family grows the plants twice a year for then being distributed to the other farmers of the area. At the moment they have 16.000 4-months old plants (they will be ready in December). Maksyarin has 3 kids and Sulaini 5.

Why you should plant trees

One tree can generate multiple benefits

Benefits for the ecosystem:

  • Adaptation to climate change
  • Soil enriched with organic matter and decontaminated, and risks such as landslides and damages caused by erosion are mitigated
  • Improved pollination, pest control and preservation of biodiversity
  • Water purification and improved infiltration and water holding capacity of soil and atmosphere

Local community benefits:

  • Increased and diversified revenue
  • Education and training for a more sustainable agricultural model
  • Preservation of customs and traditional know-how

Knowledge of agroforestry

Our model for action

Thanks to PUR, Clarins has been able to provide on-the-ground support for an action model based on 5 criteria:

  • 1


    involves all concerned parties and helps local communities.

  • 2


    projects with multiple impacts and benefits: social, environmental and economic.

  • 3


    projects designed to last for 40 years, integrating long-term management by local communities.

  • 4

    Quality requirement:

    Full traceability, full disclosure and high-quality seeds.

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