Sure, being photogenic certainly helps when it comes to taking great photos, but it’s not everything. In fact, what really counts is having a few handy tricks and techniques up your sleeve. And that includes: 1) Choosing flattering light that is natural and`slightly shaded. Always avoiding full sun, artificial light and flash photography. 2) For portraits, stand at a distance and zoom in to capture your face. Holding a camera too close can deform features. 3) For a selfie, hold the phone at arm distance, lifting it a little above face level, never lower. 4) For standing poses, try this tried-and-true actress’ trick by placing your arms on your hips or sides and crossing one leg in front of the other. It’s a pose that’s perfect for making legs look slimmer. Finally wear a few touches of makeup including mascara that will help widen eyes and a lip treatment that will plump your pout. Say cheese!