Sitting stone still as you concentrate on breathing isn’t exactly everyone’s idea of relaxing fun.

So why not give mediation while running a try? After all, running is known to increase feelings of mental calm. If you’re not used to running for 30 minutes straight, it’s best to get a few sessions under your belt before you give it a try. Especially as 30 minutes is optimal for meditation.

As you run, make it your goal to reach a stage whereby the body feels like it is running by itself, unaffected by thoughts of aching thighs or strained abs. Try to run rhythmically, without music, listening to your breath as you zone out.

Next, focus on becoming conscious of your body. With each and every movement, identify which muscles you’re using, how your feet touch the ground and how you move the arms. Then, let any feelings or thoughts you have float into and out of your consciousness. You’ll soon realize that the things that usually stress you out feel less important and less worrying.

Toning and meditating in one freeing move? On your mark, get set, lace up the running shoes and give it a try.