No questions asked, the best part of any summer day has to be the chance to enjoy a few early evening happy hour drinks. But, if you’re worried about consuming too many calories come drinks time, there’s good news! You need not miss out. Why not keep a cool conscience this summer with this refreshing drink that looks like alcohol, tastes like alcohol, but does not contain any alcohol? And, better yet, it’s also rich in vitamin C, it’s hydrating and packed with great health-boosting minerals. We’re talking about Naturo Pastaga, the drink that’s about as Marseillais as a game of boules and clear blue skies. Cheers!

In a small saucepan, heat a small carton of rice milk (25ml) with a teaspoon of turmeric, a tablespoon of aniseed, a tablespoon of fennel seed, one stick of licorice and three tablespoons of agave syrup. Allow to cool, strain and serve with ice cubes. If you close your eyes you can almost see the Marseille skyline!

Adapted from a recipe by Angèle Ferreux-Maecht, owner of La Guinguette d’Angèle.