When it comes to traditional medicine, Ayurveda ranks as the oldest of them all. In fact, at 5000 years old, even the World Health Organization has recognized it. Meaning “the science of life” in Sanskrit, this Indian science works on the balance between mind, body and overall health.

And unlike the mainstream allopathic healthcare approaches that we generally turn to when sick, Ayurveda takes a daily view of healthcare.

To get a taste of Ayurveda’s benefits, look no further than a traditional cleanse to help reset energy reserves, improve sleep and chase away stress. Featuring yoga, meditation, massage and vegetarian Indian cuisine, a spell at a cleanse proves pleasant too. Especially if you escape to India itself for a little added sun.

While traditionally meant to be taken over three weeks, a week-long or ten day-long cleanse can prove just as beneficial. Prepare to become addicted.

Kerala: Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort, www.somatheeram.org

France: Centre Tapovan. www.tapovan.com