To slumber for 24 minutes longer and fall asleep even faster, (67% faster, to be precise) Professor Damien Léger of Paris’ Hôtel-Dieu hospital suggests giving a new pillow a go. But we’re not talking about any old pillow here. Now’s the time to find one that suits your physiology and sleep habits. Introducing your all-new pillow matchmaker with, a super-simple questionnaire which was created in partnership with Hôtel-Dieu’s Center for Sleep and Vigilance (Centre du Sommeil et de la Vigilance). Of course, the same goes for mattresses, as softer ones prove better for smaller frames and firmer ones for larger. When in doubt, swipe right on firmer rather than softer styles and you’ll forge better back health. You can always add a mattress pad for a touch of cushion-soft comfort later.