Think your apartment’s stylishly on trend? If you don’t have any plants, then think again. For proof, just log on to Pinterest for a glimpse of the latest green wave that’s taken the interiors world by storm. To breathe fresh life into your interior, there are even a few varieties that can purify the air that’s filled with chemical pollutants -- from furniture, carpets and household cleaners. So much so in fact that some plants can clean up to 10m2. We round up a few of the gorgeously green best.

Spider Plant
As demonstrated by NASA research, its long leaves eliminate carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

This king of household plants can eliminate up to 90% of benzene and plastics in the atmosphere.

This plant’s huge leaves capture formaldehyde and pentachlorophenol, a chemical that can be found in wood. Plus, it humidifies the air.
This stunning oval-leafed plant has been shown by NASA to absorb ammonia.

Areca Palm
This pretty little palm can nix formaldehyde, xylene and toluene chemicals.