Total Eye Lift
Achieve a visibly lifted eye contour in 60 seconds* for a brighter, younger-looking eyes.
Fix Make-up
A light and refreshing mist that sets make-up for a longer-lasting hold.
Body Partner
Helps minimise the look of stretch marks by visibly reducing them on four levels: [length + width + depth + colour].
Double Serum
Pioneering [Hydric+Lipidic] formula combining a total of 21 effective anti-ageing water and oil-soluble ingredients to reverse signs of ageing and stimulate 5 vital skin functions.
Bright Plus Serum
Double oxygenating power boosts cellular respiration to reveal brighter, radiant skin and a healthy glow from within.
Intense Lip Comfort Oil
An intensely-pigmented lip oil infused with nourishing plant oils that delivers bold colour and mirror-like shine.
Enhancing Eye Lift
A lightweight eye serum that illuminates the eye contours for bigger, bolder and more beautiful eyes.
Tonic Body Treatment Oil
With 100% pure plant extracts, it helps firm, tone and improve elasticity, smoothing the appearance of stretch marks.
Lip Comfort Oil
Lip care infused with powerful plant oils to nourish and enhance the beauty of the lips.
Body Fit
Innovative body treatment, helps reduce the look of cellulite with targeted refining and reshaping actions, visibly smooth, firm and lift.
V Shaping Facial Lift
Upgraded based on Asian women’s facial features and needs, boosts skin’s collagen by 158 %** , helps to uplift your contour and strengthens the facial contour support network; fight against aging and gravity.
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