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Double anti-ageing performance

Double Serum

New double
anti-ageing performance,
just for you.

Double Serum combines 2 serums in 1 and features [20+1] powerful plant extracts to decode the language of youth and to have a visible effect on the main signs of ageing.

Double Serum
Complete Age Control Concentrate

A new stage in the art of formulation thanks to a turmeric extract, discovered by Clarins Laboratories, capable of targeting the cells’ listening system in order to stimulate the skin’s 5 vital functions.


Your cells communicate

For the first time, Clarins has decoded the language of youth.

[EXPRESSION + LISTENING] Abilities of the cells protected through [20+1] powerful plant extracts.

Double Serum

Discover turmeric

Follow this extraordinary plant from the Indian fields where it is grown all the way to the Clarins Laboratories in Pontoise and discover its history, properties and communication power.


[LISTENING] Bio-inspired scientific innovation

Double Serum

After studying more than 100 active ingredients, Clarins Laboratories chose the one that most effectively protected the cells’ listening system: a turmeric extract highly concentrated in turmerone.
Turmerone is a key molecule in plant communication. It has many roles: alerting other plants of danger, attracting pollinating insects for reproduction, etc.

Through this molecule, cellular listening abilities are optimised naturally.

[EXPRESSION] Enhanced action on the 5 vital functions
for skin youth and beauty

All of Clarins’ most recent plant discoveries can be found in Double Serum,
for optimal effectiveness on the expression of the skin’s 5 vital functions.

The 5 vital functions

  • Strengthen the dermal fibres
  • Preserve the renewal potential of the epidermis
  • Protect against the harmful effects of daily stress

  • Improve cellular oxygenation
  • Protect microcirculation
  • Stimulate cellular energy production

  • Improve cellular nutrition
  • Strengthen the lipidic cement and nourish the skin’s surface
  • Reactivate the skin’s self-hydrating power
  • Strengthen the skin’s natural barriers

  • Strengthen antioxidant defences
  • Protect cells against damage caused by free radicals

For a beautiful skin finish

Orthosiphon extract helps refine the skin’s texture while organic oat sugars provide an instant lifting effect.


Organic Oat


  • Instant radiance
  • Enlarged pores and fine lines are diminished
  • Visibly younger skin

*Satisfaction test - multi-ethnic panel - 362 women.

Through Double Serum’s [20+1] plant extracts, the language of youth is decoded and the 5 vital skin functions are stimulated.

Double Serum
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