What does 'Vegan Friendly' mean?

My Clarins Re-Boost Comforting Moisturising Cream
My Clarins Re-Boost Comforting Moisturising Cream

Clarins has launched My Clarins, its very first range of skincare products for millennials, a target audience concerned about the planet and animal welfare. My Clarins reflects what is important to them.

1. A unique, Clarins approach

The 'Vegan Friendly' tag isn't linked to any official label or certification awarded by an independent body. Faced with the wide variety of existing vegan labels, with all their many different certification criteria and geographic scope, Clarins decided to create its own to foreground its commitment to animal welfare.

2. Clarins' commitment to animal welfare

Through the My Clarins products' 'Vegan Friendly' label, Clarins is guaranteeing that you are buying cosmetic products that do not contain any animal-derived raw materials, and have not been tested on animals, as they are not sold in countries where animal testing is mandatory.

In parallel to this, Clarins is committed to working towards eradicating animal testing around the world. Clarins Research uses cutting-edge safety testing methods that do not involve animals (known as alternative methods) to provide its consumers with premium products of the highest quality. The Clarins Group is committed to working towards eradicating animal testing around the world. This is why Clarins Research is continuing to invest in scientific research in order to promote complete acceptance of non-animal testing methods, by working closely with international authorities in the field.

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