Why are there specific products for the eye contour area?

Enhancing Eye Lift Serum
Enhancing Eye Lift Serum

1. The eye contour area: handle with care

The eye contour area is the most expressive part of the face, as well as the most fragile. The skin around the eyes suffers the effects of over 10,000 blinks per day, in addition to expressions and tears. The skin in this area is extremely thin and it is here that wrinkles, fine lines, dark shadows and puffiness are quick to appear. When used regularly over the years, Clarins Eye Contour Products keep your eyes looking expressive and youthful, withstanding the tests of time.

2. The eye contour area: targeted care

As with face care products, eye contour products moisturise skin while meeting specific needs. If you're looking for anti-aging results, choose eye contour products from the Multi-Active, Extra-Firming and SUPER RESTORATIVE ranges, depending on your needs. If your eyes look tired, apply the Multi-Active Yeux on a daily basis. Its formula works to erase the signs of tiredness and brighten the eye area. Twice a week, apply the Hydra-Essentiel Eye Mask. In just 10 minutes, skin is left hydrated and eyes are refreshed.

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