What are the benefits of Clarins oils?

Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil
Aromaphytocare Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil

1. Oils made from 100% plant extracts

Over 60 years ago now, Clarins produced its very first Treatment Oils for the face and body, made from 100% plant extracts. The oils combine the benefits of plant extracts carefully chosen for their skin-boosting properties, as well as essential oils and hazelnut oil, which is well known for its many virtues. Combined with plant extracts, these oils tackle skin issues such as dehydration, dryness, excess sebum and swelling.

2. The benefits of Clarins rebalancing face and body oils

Whether due to external factors, stress or the changing seasons, all skin types can suffer from temporary imbalances: dehydration, excess sebum, redness, lack of tone and radiance. These oils can be used on a regular basis to help redress temporary imbalances or throughout the year.

For the face, the Aromaphytocare Lotus Face Treatment Oil targets excess sebum in combination or oily skin types, the Aromaphytocare Santal Face Treatment Oil nourishes and soothes dry skin, while the Aromaphytocare Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil revitalises and refreshes dehydrated skin.
When it comes to the body, the Tonic Body Treatment Oil keeps skin firm and supple, the Contour Body Treatment Oil streamlines the silhouette and relieves feelings of heaviness, and the "Relax" Oil offers well-being and relaxation to soothe tension. All our oils share the same silky texture with no greasy residue, are fast-absorbing to leave skin beautifully soft, and are designed to be applied to wet skin. Our top tip? After your shower or bath, rinse your body with cold water, moving from your feet up to your waist, for a guaranteed toning effect!

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Which face oil is right for me?

The Clarins face oil is one of the brand's most iconic products and comes in a range of different versions depending on your skin type, including: dry, sensitive, oily and combination skin oils.

Are essential oils the right choice for all women?

Clarins' face and body essential oils contain pure concentrates of plant extracts for a natural beauty solution to suit all women.

Why does Clarins use hazelnut oil in its face and body oils?

Hydrating, nourishing hazelnut makes the perfect base for Clarins' face and body essential oils: read on to discover its benefits.