What to do if you get sunburnt

A few minutes in the sun without sunscreen is enough… Sunburn is caused by UV rays and it appears on the skin as burns of varying seriousness. Itching, prickling and the feeling of being hot are the unpleasant results of sunburn. How should sunburn be treated to soothe and replenish your skin?

What should be applied to sunburnt areas?
Clarins has a range of after sun products to combat the redness resulting from exposure to the sun. Light sunburn, especially when skiing, is common and primarily affects the face. After Sun Replenishing Moisture Care for Face and Décolleté with sunflower extracts should be applied to sunburnt skin on the face for a feeling of freshness and comfort. After Sun Moisturizer Ultra-Hydrating has sunflower and mimosa tenuiflora extracts, making it the perfect product for sunburn on the body. All of these after sun products should be applied generously and regularly to ensure that they repair and soothe the skin well.
However, if you feel that your sunburn is serious, you should use Biafine and consult a doctor. Clarins range of products is not designed for badly burnt skin.

What remedies are there for sunburn?
As well as using after sun products, it’s important to moisturise and regenerate the skin that has been damaged by the sun. To do this, you should drink large amounts of water. You should also avoid exposure to sunlight in the days after you have been sunburnt.
Finally, the best remedy is prevention. A sunscreen with a factor suited to your skin applied every two hours is the best way of preventing sunburn.