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Double Serum
Double Power

For Firm, Radiant,
Youthful-looking Skin

Actress and
APAC Skincare

#1 Worldwide Bestseller

A firm, smooth, youthful-looking skin in 7 days

Developed with Plant & Science research and proven results, over 90% of the respondents agreed that their skin has restored radiance**.

Immediately after application, skin is luminous.

After 7 days, skin is firmer, fine lines & wrinkles are less visible, skin become more hydrated, more elastic & more plumped up.

*Satisfaction test - multi-ethnic panel - 362 women, 7 days
#Satisfaction test, 49 women, after use

[2/3 Hydric + 1/3 Lipidic]
Double Formula

The unique water oil double formula to blend both water soluble and oil soluble plant ingredients into the same product. Enables skin to quickly and easily absorb the formula.

21 Plant Extracts

21 powerful anti-aging plant extracts were quickly absorbed into the skin, stimulating the 5 skin’s vital functions: regeneration, nutrition, protection, oxygenation and hydration:

Looking for a complete anti-ageing serum? Look no further. Here’s the one loved and praised by users

88% women agreed Double Serum boosts the
efficacy of anti-aging creams^

Intensive cream replenishing at all levels

^Satisfaction tests carried out on different ranges: 2 to 4 weeks Day Cream - all skin types + 2 weeks duo Cream & Double serum;

Multi-Active, 109 women / Extra-Firming, 103 women / Super Restorative, 113 women / Nutri-Lumière, 111 women

Double Serum with Turmeric and Double Serum Eye with Turmeric and Wild Chervil

The Perfect DUO
for Anti-Aging 88%**

Double Serum with Turmeric and Double Serum Eye with Turmeric and Wild Chervil

of the women who tried both products said they were the perfect product DUO for providing global, anti-aging results

**Satisfaction test, 28 days Double Serum Eye
+ 7 days in Double Serum duo, 108 women

Double Serum TVC

Enjoy the perfect Double Serum DUO with Clarins touch

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Bought it for me
and my mom. We're both loving it!!! I saw results in the first week and was pretty
amazed.Social Visual



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This is by far the best my skin has ever


Msbucks, Arizona

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