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Double Serum

For you, our most powerful age control concentrate ever.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily, All Skin Types

2 serums in 1: New double anti-ageing performance.

Now with [20+1] potent plant extracts Double Serum decodes the language of youth to act visibly on the signs of ageing.

• A new state-of-the-art formula with turmeric extract, discovered by Clarins Laboratories, that boosts the skin’s 5 vital functions: Regeneration, Oxygenation, Nutrition, Hydration and Protection.
• Results after 7 days*: instant radiance, reduced pores and fines lines, visibly younger looking skin.    *Satisfaction test - multi-ethnic panel - 362 women.

    How to apply

Gently press onto clean face and neck, morning and/or evening, before applying your regular treatment cream. Made-to-measure application: choose a big drop for normal to dry skin in the cold season. Or a small drop for normal to combination/oily skin, during the warm and humid season.

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Double Serum
Double Serum Double Serum
New Double Serum
Double Serum

New Double
just for you.


Double Serum 8th generation

2 serums in 1 have been the unrivalled force behind Double Serum since 1985. Its unique double formula combines the best water-soluble and oil-soluble active anti-ageing ingredients to stimulate the skin’s 5 vital functions

  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Tightens pores
  • Brings radiance to the skin
  • Restores skin elasticity
  • Hydrates the skin throughout the day


Your cells communicate

For the first time, Clarins has decoded the language of youth.


When the skin is young

The cells communicate with each other: they emit and receive messages from other cells and from their environment. This effective communication allows for the optimal performance of 5 vital functions, which are key to the skin’s youth and beauty.


With age and aggressors

Since the cells can’t “hear” as well, their ability to respond becomes diminished. Communication between the cells is impaired.
The 5 vital functions are disrupted and signs of ageing appear.

Clarins has decoded the language of youth : [EXPRESSION + LISTENING]

A cocktail of [20+1] plant extracts

At the heart of Double Serum are [20+1] powerful plant extracts to optimise the [EXPRESSION + LISTENING] abilities of the cell language and to stimulate the skin’s 5 vital functions.


With turmeric extract



With the 5 vital functions

For a beautiful skin finish

Orthosiphon extract helps refine the skin’s texture
while organic oat sugars provide an instant lifting effect.


Organic oat sugars

Focus on: turmeric

Double Serum

Discover turmeric

Follow this extraordinary plant from the Indian fields where it is grown all the way to the Clarins Laboratories in Pontoise and discover its history, properties and communication power.


[LISTENING] Bio-inspired scientific innovation

Double Serum

After studying more than 100 active ingredients, Clarins Laboratories chose the one that most effectively protected the cells’ listening system: a turmeric extract highly concentrated in turmerone.
Turmerone is a key molecule in plant communication. It has many roles: alerting other plants of danger, attracting pollinating insects for reproduction, etc.

Through this molecule, cellular listening abilities are optimised naturally.

You choose !

Its new dial pump system allows you to adjust the amount of product to apply according to the skin’s needs, the climate and the seasons.

Double Serum

 Small drop :

  • Combination to oily skin
  • Warm and humid climates
  • Summer

 Large drop :

  • Normal, dry or sensitive skin
  • Cold and dry climates
  • Winter


No promises; just results.

Clinically proven effectiveness on signs of ageing

  • -20%(1)Appearance of wrinkles
  • +32,5%(2)Skin elasticity
  • -16,2%(3)Pore volume
  • 8h(4)Continuous hydration

83%(5) of women are convinced
of Double Serum’s effectiveness

(1) Clinical test, 29 women, 4 weeks(2)  Clinical test, 41 women, 4 weeks(3) Clinical test, 39 women, 4 weeks (4) Hydration kinetics, 10 women(5) Satisfaction test, 362 women, 28 days

An effective anti-ageing skin care routine, just for you.

30 years and older

40 years and older

50 years and older

Double Serum

HK$650.00 - HK$900.00
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