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Paris is unique, so as you and your skin

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Paris is unique,
so as you and your skin

Discover the unique experience of Paris
through 3 unique women

Little Thunder

The most highly-followed
comic artists in Hong Kong

About Little Thunder

Little Thunder became a profession comic artist since 16,
and have published over 80 of her comic pieces.
The female characters she created always possess
healthy, sensual curves and mesmerizing eyes

Discover Paris of Little Thunder

  • Hotel Molitor Paris - houses the most historical swimming pool in the world! The hotel’s interior decoration, artwork made it look like a gallery! The Clarins vending machine in the lobby guaranteed a carefree stay!

  • Spa by Clarins – full of classic art deco vibe! ClarinsTouch focuses on the power of touch, using the palms to massage and apply, so comfy I fell asleep and woke up to a smooth and moisturized face!

  • Headquarter of Clarins in Paris - a well-lit building, with a lot of green plants, bar filled with natural fruit juices, bee farm on the roof top to produce honey and garden for staff to rest their head, it is the ideal working environment.

  • Palais Royal - Look at that handsome French gentleman here! He was carrying along a cart with the 3 treatment essences and delicious macaron. But it seemed…we are more attracted to the gentleman and macaron, haha~ (I read through the information though!)

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Her travel partner

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Daisy Wong

Celebrated columnist and author

About Daisy Wong

Daisy started her column “Lancashire Road” in Economic Journal since 2007 using her pen name.
She disclose her real identity in 2012 and became a professional author and has since published over 20 books.

Discover Paris of Daisy Wong

  • This pool was built in 1929, even the blockbuster “Life of Pi” shot here in this pool! But what makes this pool unique is that this pool welcomed the first bikini-wearing patron in the world!

  • People-watching in Paris was enjoyable because you find uniqueness in every Parisian women, who dressed effortlessly without designer brands. “Finding yourself” is the most important quest in life because we are all created unique.

  • This Seine River boat trip is by far the most enjoyable one! Timing is crucial to everything, travel is no exception. It was raining heavily just 2 days ago, but we saw a bright shining sun this day! What about us? A kind heart brings you inner glow, suitable skincare brings out your radiance – It’s a subject on its own.

  • Don’t you just love this Clarins Skin Spa at Molitor Hotel?

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Her travel partner

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Ning lau

Founder of who-are-invited.com/
creator of high fashion dolls

About Ning Lau

One of the most influential creative minds in the industry,
she founded the new social digital platform – Who-are-invited.com in 2013
and started her line of hand-made collectable high fashion dolls.

Discover Paris of Ning Lau

  • Clarins has brought me to Paris and join the group of beauty gurus and creative minds in Asia to experience the essences of Paris.

  • I used to visit Paris for hectic business work, meetings or fashion weeks, but this time I can truly experience a slow, leisure time in this city. This photo is one a rare taken with Eiffel tower, which further proved that I never really enjoyed Paris as a tourist before.

  • I have always had a simple skincare routine (straight to the cream), but work, kids, dolls and of-course, time, made me realize that I need to take a more dedicated approach. I found Super Restorative Treatment Essence is the most suitable for me, used it for 3 weeks and my skin feels and looks more radiant.

  • Mini Ning: I do love this luxury Paris treat!

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Her travel partner

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