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  • Participate in the Solar Impulse adventure!

    While waiting for the Big Day, adopt one of the 12,000 solar panels on the plane's wings. Visit the Solar Impulse website and personalise the panel with your name, a photo, your country's flag and a personal message for the Solar Impulse team.

    www.solarimpulse.com >

Believe in innovative solutions for the future

Solar Impulse, a fuel-free airplane, represents an incredible and innovative response to the climate challenge. This unique project brings together research, innovation and the respect for man and nature. Clarins supports this venture 100% and is an active partner in this philosophical, technical and educative adventure.

Loyal to its pioneering spirit, its desire to save energetic resources and respect the environment, Clarins is a proud partner of Bertrand Piccard's Solar Impulse project. The ideal is simple: have an airplane take off and fly, both day and night, running solely on solar energy. The project would then carry out a worldwide 'ecology' tour in 5 stages, without fuel or pollution.
In 2011, the airplane (whose wingspan is equal to an Airbus but which weighs 200 times less) will take off around the world by crossing the Pacific in 5 days. The Solar Impulse project, beyond its technical and technological feats, represents an extraordinary example of the possibilities that bio-energies offer to everyone.