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Perfect V Face Beauty Consultation

Every pose,
a perfect V pose
Re-contour your face,
open up your amazing gaze
10-minute quick fixes to regain
perfect V face for selfie on the go
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The Contour SOS
Sometimes you need a SOS quick fix to regain your facial contour to save the day.
Or here's the beauty expert's best kept secret for an immediate fix - Clarins' Shaping Facial Lift Total V contouring serum. Loved by beauty experts globally and especially in Asia, this revolutionary shaping facial lift contains active powerful plant extracts to slim, depuff, define contour all in one go, it is amazing to see how the product do the heavy-lifting on you face. Another beauty tip is to apply the serum with the massage tool. The massage motion boosts the penetration of the serum and give you a quick and visible V face effect. A final trick: Put on V Facial Intensive Wrap. In only 10 minutes, you will see an instantly sharper and V-shaped contour.
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Spoon Magic
Whenever you see dark circles and puffiness around your eye areas, try rubbing a cold spoon around your eye area until it is warm to boost blood circulation to get rid of the dark circles and puffiness. Or try the innovative Clarins Enhancing Eye Lifting Serum. It contains active plant extracts to enhance the instant lift effect to open the eyes, resulting in bigger, brighter, bolder eyes.
Zerumbet Ginger
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Instant V effect
Now that you have taken care of the inside, and lets top it up with some great make-up tips for a perfect V face effect. Try Clarin's Face Contouring Palette. It contains shadow, highlight and blush all in one to help create a 3D face contour effect. What's amazing about this Palette is that not only its perfect for creating face contour, it also contains nipplewort extract, organic sweet almond oil and white tea extracts for anti-oxidative effect and protect your skin against pollution. Get the instant V face, awesome!
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