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Facial Treatments

Clarins Facial Treatments

The best products combined with the best application techniques make for the best treatments.
That's why Clarins provides the best response to all your facial beauty concerns. All treatments have been scientifically tested at the Laboratory and have been developed with highly concentrated plant extracts, expert movements and attentive hands to deliver immediately visible beauty results and optimal skin care benefits that last.
Each treatment finishes with a full hands and feet massage to complete this unique well-being experience. Clarins Treatments - escape to a place where hands meet nature.

  • The Youth Restorative

    Duration : 60mins
    A revitalising treatment that visibly redefines the facial oval and contours. Delivers a ‘lift’ effect to help skin appear more replenished and younger-looking. > Find your nearest spa

    Duration : 60mins
    A smoothing, anti-wrinkle treatment that targets firmness and tone. Helps to strengthen the structure of the skin and to redefine facial contours with a youth-boosting massage.> Find your nearest spa
  • The Radiance Reviver

    Duration : 60mins
    A rebalancing treatment for skin that shows signs of stress due to a busy lifestyle and early wrinkles. Delivers smooth, toned and radiant skin.> Find your nearest spa
  • The Moisture Replenisher

    Duration : 60mins
    A rehydrating treatment to supply intense moisture to dehydrated skin. Nourishes and softens skin to revive and restore radiance. > Find your nearest spa

    Duration : 60mins
    A whitening facial treatment, using the latest White Plus Total Luminescent range and powered by the CLARINSPRO boosted formulas, that revives radiance, brightness and crystalline translucency.> Find your nearest spa
  • The Lifting Face Shaper

    Duration : 75mins
    A face shaping treatment to refine, enhance and rejuvenate facial contours. Delivers younger-looking, brighter and more luminous features. > Find your nearest spa
  • The Whitening RenewPlus

    Duration : 80mins
    A double essence, double mask booster treatment. It inhibits the factors that triggers hyperpigmentation, leaving skin energised with a prolonged radiance. > Find your nearest spa