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Pioneer in phytotherapy

Clarins 60th anniversary


The Ultimate Collectors

To celebrate our 60th anniversary, discover
the Oil Collectors born from Clarins pioneering spirit.

A glittering career

60 years of expertise, beauty and success…

For 60 years, Clarins has used all the resources of science to uncover
the mysteries of plants, analyze their fragrant properties and study
how they interact with our skin and mind. It is this global approach
to natural beauty which led to the creation of Clarins 100% Pure Plant
Extract Oils.
Clarins Oils are the result of a subtle blend of plant extracts and essential
oils with recognized effects on the well-being of both body and mind.
A precious plant gold which has remained unchanged and enjoyed
continued success for decades.

Clarins Oils. Golden signs.

Golden formula

The formula of Clarins Oils comprises 1-3% essential oils, the optimal
percentage to ensure good tolerance and ideal effectiveness, diluted
in a hazelnut oil base which provides the best medium for essential oils
which must never be used pure on the skin.

Golden efficacy

In perfect affinity with the skin, Clarins Face and Body Oils protect against
dehydration and provide skin with a feeling of well-being. The results have
been widely approved by women.

Golden sensation

Very fine and quickly absorbed, Clarins Oils feel wonderful
on application. They leave the skin silky-soft to the touch.

Hazel tree

A fine, fluid, edible oil is obtained from the hazelnut which is used in cooking and also in cosmetics for its anti-dehydrating benefits.

Clarins Golden Anniversary


Creation of Clarins Beauty
Institute where the oils
were originally for
professional use only.


The commercial launch
of Clarins Oils.



Clarins celebrates its 60th anniversary and
launches a limited edition of two collector
bottles: Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil
and Tonic Body Treatment Oil.

Golden plant

pure nature

Golden journey

pure efficacity

Golden jewel

pure beauty

Golden sensation

pure pleasure