Club Clarins

Entry requirement
Clarins Gold
Simply purchase any product, you can become our Clarins Gold and start to accumulate points to redeem gift or treatment.
Clarins Platinum
With accumulated product purchases worth HK$12,000 within 12 months (Treatment purchases are excluded), will enjoy Platinum membership valid for one year from date of qualified.

Automatic renewal for one year membership will be extended to all Clarins Platinum with any product spending over HK$12,000 within 12 months. (Treatment purchases are excluded).

Earn 1 Clarins Dollar for every $1 net product spending
Receive surprise trials
Must-Haves Trial Set
Enjoy one-time facial treatment at 25% off on your birth month
During your birth month, enjoy the surprise birthday set
Enjoy one time offer of Double Clarins Dollars on your birth month
Enjoy unlimited Double Clarins Dollars throughout your birth month
Clarins Dollar Gift Reward Selection
Customer Care
To find out more about the Club Clarins, or to enquire about your Clarins Gold or Clarins Platinum status, please email us or call 2994 6238.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I earn points?
A: At your CLARINS personally-assigned Skin Spa or Counter, every $1 spent on any Clarins product is equivalent to 1 point, inclusive of your initial purchase.
Q: When can I start redeeming my rewards?
A: Redemption starts from 2,000 points onwards. You may choose to redeem your rewards as soon as you have accumulated 2,000 points or continue to earn points for alternative rewards.
Q: How do I redeem my rewards?
A: Accumulated points for gift / reward redemption is available all year round at CLARINS Skin Spa or Counter.
Q: How do I check my balance of points?
A: Simply click here, or contact CLARINS Skin Spa or Counter to inquire on your balance of points.
Q: Can I carry my points to the next year after my points have expired?
A: Club Clarins points are meant to be consumed within a calendar year January 1st to December 31st, and are not to be carried forward. All points will be forfeited upon expiry date.
Q: Am I allowed to combine points with my friends?
A: No, each member is allowed to use the points they earn within their own membership and may not combine points in any other way.
Q: How do I qualify for an auto-renewal of Clarins Platinum membership?
A: To continue enjoying your Clarins Platinum, you need to purchase at least $12,000 worth of Clarins products at specified Skin Spa or Counter (Treatment purchases are excluded) within past 12 months, you will enjoy 1 year renewal of Platinum membership from your qualified date.